oskc-portfolio-the-laborersWe are calling all Evangelists and Workers of the Harvest to help us reach Kansas City with the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ before it is too late.

We, too, are evangelists and we understand how you are wired. We honor the gifting and wounding that you carry in your heart for the lost. We know it was obtained from the heart of Jesus.

You don’t do what you do because you are good at it. Rather, it is your act of worshipping the King. The results: bringing the lost to Him. And you are very good at it!

The Urgency

oskc-portfolio-the-lost-1-cut-out-whiteNot everyone understands the urgency but you do! Too many times others are afraid of what to say and how to bring the loving correction that is needed to cause a person to repent and turn to JESUS. But you the importance so they can be set FREE.

The Reason

You have been trained in your heart to love the lost. This precious gift compels you day and night. You would go anywhere, talk to anyone, at any time to reach the one whom He loves. You value His desires more than your own. You RISK!

You reach for the lost in the same way He reached down for you.

We need your help to save Kansas City!

We are inviting a minimum of 200 of you. We are hoping to provide lodging and meals while you labor with us.

Click here to complete OUR Registration FORM if you are interested in joining with us in the harvest.

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